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Flying South for the Winter!


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Birds fly south for the winter, and so does the 14 car.

For the 2nd year in a row we will be heading to Australia to compete in the Oval Express Super Series. If you remember, last year we came very close to winning this 8 race series that spans 10 days at 6 different race tracks in the Australian state of Victoria. We ended the series last year with 2 wins, 2 podium finishes, a handful of track records, and a 3rd place finish in the points championship. Again we will be racing out of the Matt Brown Racing stable, calling home at SWI Racing headquarters in Warrnambool, VIC. Last years success wouldn’t have come with out Matt, nor Jamie Veal of SWI Racing; but equally important to that mix is Steven Bell of Jettco Developments. We will have Jettco power yet again,and we can’t imagine a better situation with a Jettco strapped into our Driven Performance, Stallard Chassis.

Our return back to contend for the series championship will find good friend Craig Bottrell as the crew chief of the USA14. My dad, Mark, has opted out of heading south this year, and Craig will be a perfect fit to fill that void. In my father’s place, will be my fiance, and very soon to be wife Raquel. We are both very excited to see the friends we have made this past summer who traveled to Central California and spent time with us.

Another great addition to this years trip is the implication of a new website structure provided by good friend Brandon Aranyosi.Brandon has been kind enough to supply us with a website that we can updated on the go. The website should stay updated on a daily basis with results and news articles. For more instant updates,Raquel will be using my Facebook and Twitter pages during the race nights to keep everyone updated as the each event progresses.

We are off on Christmas Day, land in Melbourne, VIC Dec. 27th, and Round 1 is Friday, Dec. 30th! Stay tuned and thank you all for your support!